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Dr Daniel Baddiley graduated from the UNITEC Institute of Technology in Auckland, New Zealand with a Masters of Osteopathy in 2003. After working in New Zealand for seven years, he moved to Melbourne in 2010.


Upon graduating, Dan developed his skills working alongside experienced Osteopaths in a busy clinic in Wellington. At the same time he opened his own clinic in his home town of Masterton. He worked closely with local doctors, sports clubs, gyms and community groups to build a thriving practice. After relocating to Australia, he has worked as a senior associate at a clinic in Melbourne’s inner-west and a large centre in Melbournes CBD.


Dan’s treatment style follows the Osteopathic model by looking at the body as a whole, and determining how stresses and strains may impact on the overall health of an individual. He predominantly uses a structural model for treatment of musculo-skeletal conditions to effect change in the body, and offers advice on ergonomics, exercise, rehab, diet and lifestyle to provide a holistic service for his patients. Dan is also qualified in dry needling and the application of Rocktape, which has proven effective for treating a wide range of musculo-skeletal conditions.


A passionate sportsman, Dan has been actively participating in cycling, running and rugby union for most of his life (don’t get him started on the All Blacks). He has worked closely with athletes throughout his career – helping weekend warriors and general gym junkies through to elite level rugby and soccer players, runners, triathletes and Olympic cyclists.


Dan and his wife, Nichole, have 2 beautiful and active daughters - both of whom are taking great interst in keeping active and following their parents lead in living a balanced life.

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